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Never Enough Time...

Posted by TuxedoCatCartoons - June 22nd, 2014

Well...I had heard about Newgrounds for a couple years, but I haven't been on Newgrounds long. I suppose I signed up just in time to get in on NATA. I never knew anything about NATA...and here I am in the novice round. I'm not sure I'll make it into the next round, there were a lot of talented entrants this year and I'm still honing my animation skills and trying different styles. Whether I make it in or not is cool with me...either way, I'm going to bust my ass to get better and better at my animation skills, and I look forward to NATA 15.

I've been so busy with other intrests and other things in my life that I don't always have as much time to put into the tournament as I'd like. I'm currently involved in a project where I'm producing one peice of fine art every day for a year. (I might start posting those on here. In the meantime, you can see them on my Facebook page. Though, I'm pretty tired of Facebook. And I like my privacy so I don't post too many things about my personal life on Facebook. I'll never understand why people post every little detail about their life on Facebook. If you want to tell a story then write a book or a song or a poem or become an actor or an animator or an artist. It's not like Facebook is a new idea or something. I mean, internet profiles have been around since the start of the internet.) I'm always writing songs and poetry and short stories and jokes and ideas and I'm always recording music. Music and art have been my greatest passions for most of my life. I'm just bursting with so many song ideas and guitar riffs and bass lines and piano riffs and organ riffs and drum beats and jokes and paintings and drawings and animation ideas and cartoon characters. I've got to clone myself or something...there's never enough time.

Anyway...I'm working on recording a bunch of songs and I usually do a piece of art for every song that I publish. And I'm working on a lot of fun animations and some that may be a bit more serious and darker. And I really, really enjoy making animated music video's...there are so many possiblities! I've been so fascinated with cartoons and animation since I was a kid and I think I'm really starting to hone in on my skills. There is always something new to learn no matter what craft you are seeking to master. The cartoon I'm most excited about is a series I'm working on called "A Solar Sound System." It will feature all kinds of music and adventures and just plain fun weird shit. I made a trailer for it a while back and you can check it out below.