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Scary. But there's something about him that makes him look like he's really just a lonely and misunderstood monster. With the way he is posing in this picture he looks kinda frightened - like he was kept in a basement because of his disfigurement, and over many years of being locked away in the dark all alone, someone finally opened the door. Maybe he wasn't born a monster, he was made one.

OmegaBlack1631 responds:

deeper than i could have ever put it my friend. damn good back story haha

I'm oddly drawn to this one and it's one of my favorites of yours. It would look very nice as a framed print hanging on my wall. :)

rvhomweg responds:

Money can buy you everything ;)

Absolutely lovely!! It looks like a very warm and cozy little nook that's tucked away in some overlooked corner of the world. At night, I could just imagine the soft glow oozing from the outside lamp while moths dance tirelessly around it until morning. And I can see the soothing candlelight in the top window, with the silhouette of an artist fluttering away in the flickering light, hard at work on their next masterpiece. I hope you don't mind but I imagined walking inside. I committed burglary, but only in my mind. Besides, I didn't imagine stealing or breaking anything. I'm just too curious and I had to see what was inside. It's a lovely home. Though, I did imagine sipping on wine and eating some bread and cheese while sitting by the fireplace. I also used the bathroom and I used someone's toothbrush. I left a note on the door that said thank you.

This really is a wonderful drawing. When I was a kid I loved drawing houses with impossible architecture. And I totally agree about the pen and paper. Digital art offers many advantages, and I love trying all mediums of art, but if I had to pick just one medium then it would simply be pen and paper.

Bojeva responds:

Wow! That's got to be the most fantastic review I ever got :-) I think every artist hopes to invoke certain feelings with~in the viewer, but you just perfectly described the mood I was hoping to convey.
Wine, bread and cheese, absolutely!
You just made my day with this comment. Thank you so much!

Beautiful. Reminds me of some kinda strange cross between Zelda and the Rayman Origins/Legends games. Just lovely.

ValentineReina responds:

Thank you <3

I'll keep trying my best ò_ó/

Very nice man...you keep cranking out some very interesting digital paintings. Is this one based off of a real place? I feel like I've been here in a dream.

rvhomweg responds:

Yes, it's based on a picture. It's called Saint-idesbald, it's where I live :)

Awesome. What programs are you using? Some of your work looks like it might've been done in ArtRage, and some, like this one, looks like it might've been done in Manga Studio. Both are fantastic programs if you haven't used them.

rvhomweg responds:

I made all of them in photoshop. But I have been using artrage in the past, I would recommend it, but photoshop will always be the best. In photoshop I make new brushes for almost every new painting, it's so easy, once you understand the settings of the brushes.

Very nice. I love all mediums of art but my favorite is drawing portraits of people with a simple pencil and paper. And, I must admit: in the small thumbnail picture I initially thought it was Robin Williams. That’s good work there my friend...keep it up. I love Blackadder and I love Stephen Fry as well...but I'm an even bigger fan of Rowan Atkinson. Everything Rowan does makes me laugh hysterically and I absolutely adored Mr. Bean as a kid. I’ve seen every episode many times over. And that reminds me…I haven’t seen those in a while. I think I’ll watch those again.

WhovianDuck responds:

Very kind of you! I too am a massive fan of Rowan Atkinson as well as Hugh Laurie. All the Blackadder cast essentially!

Hahaha...nice. Gotta' love some Worms Armageddon!!! ...or when this happened...you gotta' hate some Worms Armageddon.

DoodlingHitman responds:

Indeed! :3


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