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Great episode...as usual. NWAR is so well done. It baffles me that everyone on Newgrounds is not a fan.

danmarkowitz responds:

Thank you!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I really enjoy your style of animating, and this one is some of your finest work. Just awesome MisterHerbal. Looks like you're using ToonBoom?

MisterHerbal responds:

Wish I was man! I only used Toonboom twice. This was made in Flash. Cheers!

Ha...interesting style here. And was that Operation Ivy that I heard in the beginning?!!

SenorGolley responds:

Hi, thanks for the review. Yes it is, from what I have gathered the guys that make the podcast live in the same area as the band and are friends with them.

Purrity cool. You just had to put the Tusk reference in there didn't you? A friend got me to watch that movie and I wasn't sure what I was getting into. No movie has ever made me turn away from the screen until I saw Tusk.

BungalowBelf responds:

I actually haven't seen Tusk yet! And this is a year old now, so we didn't even know what the walrus-man-thing from Tusk would actually look like back then, I guess I wasn't too far off!

I'm squeamish too, so I'm not sure I'll do too well with Tusk.

At any rate, thank you for the comment and take care!

Interesting. I really love the art style. It's got a very cute children's book look to it. You should be illustrating children's books, if you aren't already. And it kinda reminds me of Psychonauts...which was a wonderful game back in it's time on the PS2.

Butzbo responds:

A while ago I had a small uni-assignment about children books, the style worked well so I may consider getting into that eventually.
I never had a PS2, but it seems interesting, I'll check it out sometime"
Thank you Tux!

This is just fantastic. I love the art style and the ending is priceless. You took a joke and just ran with it, and ran with it, and ran with it, and ran with it...then you hear the echo of him still gargling in the vase. Wonderful.

WellingL responds:

Thank you. I was rather surprised to find out how close you get to vomiting when recording your own gurgle for too long. The irony!

Lovely. I really like the art style of this. Very nice guys!

Djifro responds:

Thank you :)


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